Warehouse Dating | 3 Essential Mobile Apps I Can’t Live Without
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3 Essential Mobile Apps I Can’t Live Without


3 Essential Mobile Apps I Can’t Live Without

Mobile apps are becoming essential to getting through our daily lives, there is a mobile application for absolutely everything out there. This can vary anywhere from dating to gaming. Most businesses nowadays have some kind of application to make your life easier.
My 3 Favourite apps are…

Google Maps:



Google maps has always been useful for me personally. Not only can you view locations on a map, you can also use street view and view them how you would if you were there. This can be especially useful if you’re trying to find a certain place that’s hidden amongst other buildings, you can pin point the exact building you want to find and make your life a lot easier when you try and find it in person.
Google maps also has a feature where you can use your device as a sat nav; I have found this feature especially useful when driving long distances. It still hasn’t let me down as of yet.






This is a great option for all music lovers out there, Spotify gives you access to all the world’s greatest music tracks at the push of a button.
With a premium membership you can also download tracks to your device and listen to them offline for no extra cost! Spotify premium also removes those annoying ads from the general app.
Spotify is a great way to find new music. If you want to find musicians that are similar to another, you can simply go to an artist’s page and press on ‘Related Artists’ and it will display an array of different suggestions. I have discovered many new bands that I now listen to day in day out and have even been to gigs from bands I have discovered in this app!






Flixster is a great service that provides good insight into movies and gives you a good expectation of what to expect before you have watched them!
Flixter has access to all the latest movie trailers along with a brief discription of what the movie is about. If you’re still unsure of what movie to watch, they also provide something called ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ This allows you to see how critics and users have rated the film and gives you their perspective on the film. The film is rated out of 100%; anything under 60% is considered rotten and anything above is fresh. Based on this scale you can see what films others have enjoyed.
On Flixster you are also able to locate local cinemas nearby and see what films are showing, this makes going to the cinema a hassle free oparation

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