Warehouse Dating | 4 Ways to Create a Standout Blog Name
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4 Ways to Create a Standout Blog Name

4 Ways to Create a Standout Blog Name

Creating the correct blog name is essential in make the right statement about what you have to say but also it’s about getting your own ideas out there. Blogging is a great process to express one’s knowledge and a fantastic way to educate, put subject in the cyber forum which will then in turn make people aware of world issues and create a media buzz on social networks, so getting the title right will design the start of point in the readers minds. It is vital in keeping them interested and make them inspired. I have come up with 4 perfect ideas to keep in mind when thinking of the ultimate blog name to help you create a wow statement for your online journal.

Fresh and modern

You should always keep your blog name simple, to the point and clear to create a fresh and modern statement, that way people will know exactly what you want to talk about and have to offer. It is the first thing that your audience will read and can be a make or break point if you get it wrong. You want your reviewer to retweet and spread your blogs to as many eyes as possible. If it is too long it can give a long and drawn out impression from the outset and screams boring.

Give it meaning and use your knowledge

Let it represent you and what you are about, injecting your personality into it will bring it to life and show that you really do have something of interest to read about. Using your own knowledge when choosing the name is always the best idea, don’t go over the top and start talking about something you have only just found on the internet and don’t know much about, you might be questioned about it so make sure you are real and can explain your choice at the drop off a hat.

No to trademarks

With the use of trademarks it is a bad idea to use them in a blog name, and can also lead you to being sued if you do, so do your research before and check the trademark database and once you have found one that is not take and you know it’s the right one for you make it yourself so no one can use it, purchase it and make it your own copyright.

Search engine friendly

It is always the best idea to check what words people look up for online, as this is a fantastic opportunity to grab hold of the best traffic flying around in cyber space. Research is key so make sure you go down every avenue and get the best result.

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