Warehouse Dating | 5 things I can’t live without in the office…
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5 things I can’t live without in the office…


5 things I can’t live without in the office…

  1. Cup of Tea

A nice cup of tea goes down nicely, so nicely that I end up having 5 or 6 cups a day! It keeps me warm in the office and actually helps me to concentrate – who knew! All of the gang in the office are tea drinkers (well, most of them!) so we all offer to make each other a cuppa which is lovely. I’d recommend a cup of tea to all of you office workers! Office working wouldn’t be the same without a cup of tea!


  1. Background music

Nobody likes silence! Silence makes the day seem slower and gives out an awkward atmosphere – without music, it would just be the tapping of keys, slurping of teas and the occasional cough creating the background noise. Background music is quiet but fills the whole office nicely. The music is especially great when Laz plays his Disney playlist – we were all singing along! Also, background music ISN’T distracting, that’s why it’s called background music and not a party!



  1. Chatter/Banter

Again, nobody likes a quiet office and what’s the point in having people around you if you can’t chat to them or have a good laugh with them! Getting along with your team is great, I love the good old chats and laughs in the office as it lightens up everybody’s mood and makes us work better as a team. Having a good laugh with your team makes work fun and enjoyable.


  1. My comfy chair

In all honesty, I haven’t had a comfy office chair for long but I would definitely miss it if I didn’t have it now! You wouldn’t enjoy your day if you were uncomfortable and if your back was basically breaking. Who doesn’t love a spinny chair?!? A comfy chair is a MUST HAVE in the office.


  1. My line manager, Dan

Dan is a super great person – and so is everyone else! He has the ability to brighten up everyone’s day with his one-liners and jokes. I’d definitely feel lost if I didn’t have him by my side as he is the heart and body of PR. Dan has taught me all the skills I need to do my job in the PR department with him, so I am very grateful! It’s also lovely to see your line manager as a friend who you get along with too.


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