Warehouse Dating | 5 Ways to show your personality when starting a new career
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5 Ways to show your personality when starting a new career

5 Ways to show your personality when starting a new career

Starting any new job can seem like a daunting experience, but when you change your career totally it can feel like a very frightening prospect. You can have all these questions and worries in your head which can overshadow your personality and who you are if you let it, those things would have played a big part in you getting the role in the first place.

So here are 5 ways I have learnt and found useful when starting a new working adventure.

Dressing to impress

You should always feel comfortable in your own skin and clothes are an extension of this, be smart with your own styling and confident that what you are wearing brings out your best side, it is important to project the right image through your fashion, if in doubt get a second opinion and never wear new shoes without breaking them in first, blisters on the first day is the last thing you need.

Have confidence and not arroganceStarting a new Job

You should always show to a new employer that you are there for a reason and push yourself to a new high in everything you do, always do this with confidence even if you are nervous on the inside and never let it show. One thing you must not do is to start a new job and upset your new team mates, this will start you off on the wrong foot, put a bad vibe between you and leaving a hard working relationship so work out the boundaries, don’t make things harder for yourself if they don’t need to be.

So never act like a know it all, work as part of a team and you will go far.

Express your creative side

Being creative can come in so many forms and finding it is not that hard, most ideas are inside your head already, never over think or try to use too many ideas at once and always write them down, useful for future projects. Use your inspirations in life can help grow ideas and advance expression.  Two saying’s I always keep with me are “less is more” and “always think outside of the box”.

Be you and don’t try to be someone else

One thing you should never do is act out and hide who you are, people will always see through the smoke and mirrors you put up in the end. We live in a land of liberation and acceptance so be proud of that and yourself. Being true to yourself is the biggest justice you will ever feel.

Listen and always give feedback

Be an active listener, it’s not hard you just need to acquire the correct skills and practice, as it says in the name Active so don’t be passive about it, there are many great books and courses out there so research and find one that works for you. Company’s also love feedback so always make a note and converse at the end of the day.

  • Dani
    Posted at 12:37h, 13 August Reply

    Hey Dan,

    This is great for your first article! I feel that this will really help a lot of people. Starting a new job is a scary thing and your doing great so keep it up!

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