Warehouse Dating | 7 New Words I’ve Learned Since the Apprentices Joined!
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7 New Words I’ve Learned Since the Apprentices Joined!

Monkey of 3

7 New Words I’ve Learned Since the Apprentices Joined!

The generational gap has always been around forever, as young person you get frustrated because none of the adults seem to understand you then as an adult you get frustrated because you no longer understand the kids. It’s an interesting phenomenon as it’s the first time for me when I really felt “old” and “out of touch”. I’ll admit that so far this read is a bit of a downer, but honestly I’ve had so much fun learning all these new words and the context they are used in. So let’s jump right into it, I’ve chosen some choice words that apply more to relationships and dating.
Peng: I had to include this one as it was the first word we learned in the office. Peng is generally used when something is good or looks good. So if you get a new phone that you really like you can say that it’s Peng, or you could say that somebody attractive looks Peng.


Say you’re out on a blind date and the person you’re with is a complete and utter idiot, not somebody you get on with at all, someone you’d consider a waste of space. That person would be a “Wasteman”.



These words, while sounding weird to me initially, I mean the only thing I know that chirps are birds, but it basically translates to the word flirting. So if you’re Chirpsing with a girl you’re flirting. What’s wrong with the word flirting? I have no idea!


Now, grafting is already used as slang for a lot of us, “hard graft” generally means someone is working really hard, and interestingly enough, it’s not too far away from what the kids are using it for nowdays. Grafting is Chirpsing but NO results! So when the poor guy is chirpsing his heart out at someone and he’s just not getting anywhere.


Now what do you think of when you hear the word peak? If you’re like me, then something good, if you’ve reached the peak you’ve reached the top! Not today apparently! According to the apprentices, peak means something bad. So if something terrible has happened you could say “Man, that’s peak!”


Piff is a great little word that means you think someone is hot. So you could say “Man, he’s Piff!” also interchangeable with the word Peng.


Now, when I first heard this one, my first thought like a lot of you I’m assuming was the character from South Park. I was thinking, right, how would I summarise Butters in one word so I can figure this one out? Turns out, Butters is simply the opposite of Piff, i.e. someone who’s not blessed with good looks. As an addendum, you can’t call somebody Butters as their name, you have to say “He/She is Butters”


So far it’s has been a voyage of discovery for me and an opportunity to witness the evolution of language in such an in your face way. This has only happened to me twice before, the popularity boom of the internet and after I got my first mobile phone. It’s been a lot of fun learning these new words so far and if I learn something more then I’ll possibly post a follow-up article in the future!

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