Warehouse Dating | A Day in the life of a Business Newbie – The Business Show 2017
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A Day in the life of a Business Newbie – The Business Show 2017

A Day in the life of a Business Newbie – The Business Show 2017

A Day in the life of a Business Newbie – The Business Show 2017

Hi Daters! My name is Abbie, a near 20-year-old stumbling through life one cup of coffee at a time! I am also Jonathan’s Personal Assistant and office all-rounder as I like to call myself here at Warehouse Dating.

Today I’ve been tasked with the very special privilege of blogging about the most recent company day out to The Business Show at ExCel London.

One week ago today Jonathan, Harry and I headed off out of our little Guildford Headquarters and off into the Big Smoke.

Our first challenge of the day was of course…  Getting to London. Not much of a big deal to most, but for myself, a nightmare! All aboard the South West Train Service to London Waterloo, and after an hour of many delays and squishing up against strangers, I made it!

Pre-Convention Jonathan, Harry and I stopped for a quick breakfast and morning meeting going through the previous day’s work and implementing new business strategies, but I’m not here to bore you with all those details. Stomachs now lined with a full English breakfast and coffee, it’s time to tackle the next leg of the journey to The Business Show; The London Underground and oh what a nightmare that turned out to be (this can be made into another story later!)

One rescue Uber driver later, we have finally made it to the ExCel centre. Feeling like we are standing in an Airport foyer, the three of us march through the crowd in what I can only imagine looked like two lost school children following the teacher.

Once our entry tickets had been scanned and a free Yellow Pages gift bag was collected, we entered the convention hall and I must say this place was massive!

One of the first things I noticed and was thankful for was how the different business sectors were colour coded, thus making the stalls, presentations, and masterclasses easy to find.

For anyone interested, I have outlined the five different business zones below;

  • SME Marketplace
  • Start-up Zone
  • Digital Zone
  • Finance Zone
  • Going Global Live

Walking around each of the zones was defiantly more interesting than I initially first thought. I have found some interesting business tools and companies that I am looking forward to working with in the future. I was also really surprised at the diversity of the business’ that were at the show; one minute I was walking past the TalkTalk exhibit where they were doing free professional head shot pictures and the next minute I am taking pictures on a “Magic Mirror” and learning about purchasing a blow up photo booth shaped like an igloo (yes… they do actually exist)

In terms of the presentations they were offering, I only got the chance to visit one presentation which was the How to Build and Grow a Business Using Social Media presented by Robert Upright. While in the end, I personally did not find the presentation very useful, if you are looking to build your online presence; I would have highly recommended it.

Once we had finished exploring everything that The Business Show had to offer, it was time to head home. Making our way back I had the opportunity to also tick one of my bucket list tasks which was going over the dockyards on the Emirate Air Line. Since I have a fear of heights; Jonathan and Harry found it quite amusing as I was holding onto the chair for dear life. However, I am glad I have finally been able to experience it!


On our way back we also bumped into what is now called the “Abbie bench” which I have inserted a picture of below. A small running joke through the office is that I for the life of me cannot draw a straight line, even with the help of a ruler (as much as I like to think it is a joke.. its really not) so it is only fitting that the bench should be named after me right?!

Poorly designed bench out of the way, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at The Business Show, and would highly recommend anyone who is looking to start their own business or even expand their business and strategies to go along and attend; even if it were just for one of the days.

For more information on The Business Show and to register your interest for the next show, please do check out http://www.greatbritishbusinessshow.co.uk/

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