Warehouse Dating | A Day in the Life of The Office Wizard
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A Day in the Life of The Office Wizard

office wizard

A Day in the Life of The Office Wizard

Hello everyone!

For those that don’t know me,

I’m Laurence Atkinson, Engagement Specialist at Warehouse Dating, unofficially I’m the Office wizard. My role here is one that is quite varied, I do anything from marketing, to social media to IT support for the office. On a daily basis, I am creating and editing some of our existing websites, helping around the office where and when I’m needed and also maintaining a lot of the software we use on a daily basis to help us achieve the numbers we want to achieve every day.


My role here.

I would definitely say the role I have carved for myself in the company is one that is stressful and comes with a lot of pressure attached to it, but it’s also one I enjoy and I’m glad I am where I am. There are bad days where tolls don’t work the way they should, or they’ve decided to be difficult that day, which can pose problems, but figuring what the issue is, or sweet talking everything to working the way it should again is very satisfying. Then, of course you have the quiet times when everything is running the way it should and I really don’t have do anything to them apart from the daily checks, those are definitely the best days…

my desk

This my desk, There’s usually a lot of things that need attention. The screens help a lot here!


When I’m not doing that, as I’ve said before, I help build some of our sites which is a lot of fun. I did a very technical yet creative degree at university and building a website flexes both those muscles. You get to modify existing code to mold a site into doing what you want it to do, whether it’s adding a new section without completely destroying the other sections or adding new functionality all together. The creative side is to come up with branding for the site itself, in the form of logos, graphics and the correct images to use. The colours, pictures and font are all individually capable of very different feelings when you look at a website, so finding the right font, pictures to go with the logo you’ve made so that the user knows in an instant what the site is all about is something I enjoy a lot!

One of the other main things I do every day here is general IT support for the office. I’m fortunate to work in this office where for the most part everyone is fairly computer literate, so usually when there are problems, they’re usually interesting ones. It’s also a lot of fun to go around to the other desks, see what people are up to and have a bit of a chat while you help them figure out what went wrong.


All in all, my work days are fun and I enjoy the time I spend here in the office with everyone!

It’s a good experience to be around good people and to be able to help them out when they need it. If any of you out there are having PC problems, you know where to find me!

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