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A little bit about TFM&A 2015- You’ve gotta go!

A little bit about TFM&A 2015- You’ve gotta go!

Recently the team got to venture out to London Olympia for what was their first time at TFM&A! Expectations were high since it’s a well known event and more than half the team hadn’t been before. No one knew what to expect which was exciting.

For those of you who are asking what TFM&A is… IMG_1601

TFM&A is in association with London Technology Week, it has developed a brand new zone on the Tech of Today & Tomorrow. You can sit in lectures listening to tech leaders, meet companies on the stalls and see what other marketing and technology experts have to say and how they can help you.

You’ll come home with bags full of goodies, and more contacts than you’ll know what to do with. The whole event is full of eye catching professionals with so much to offer. It’s also a great team build which is always a plus.

Does these sound like something you’d be interested in learning more about?

4 Main Themes in TFM&A:


  • Keeping up with tech.
  • Data driven marketing and the test generation.
  • Best practice- optimising tools and tactics.
  • Talent, progression & culture.


If these 4 things interest you then TFM&A is for you! All you have to do is register online and make your way to Olympia, London.

Register your interest for TFM&A 2016 here.

See below a handful of amazing companies we were lucky enough to meet:

adroll 155x72.png emarsys new 155x72Hambleside Merchandise LimitedMajestic-12 Limited  (Majestic SEO)SmartInsights(MarketingIntelligence)Ltdmarketo 155x 72.pngCommunigator Ltde-goi


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