Warehouse Dating | Creating a Competition to WOW Your Audience
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Creating a Competition to WOW Your Audience

Creating a Competition to WOW Your Audience

To excel and grow your business, competitions are a great way to expand over social networks, drive the traffic to your organisation and get a stronger outcome for the future of your company. Producing the buzz with your audience will create a sturdier more fun force of follower and word of mouth will spread about what you are doing, offering and get their competitive streak racing. With these 5 key point to use while organising your showcase competition, you will be able to execute something extravagant and will be the words on everyone’s lips.

Create the Drama

Hype is a fantastic force to get viewers excited to the run up and during your race to the prize. You should always have a “Hype week” which should start about 3-4 days before the competition launch. This is where you count down to the launch day which will get everyone ready for the starter line and this should be on all of you social media outlets, your main website and also other sites that can host it like Magic Freebie who shall display you contest to a bigger viewing.

Contact is key!

Keeping the contact and giving regular updates with all involved in the competition will stop it from going stale and becoming yesterday’s news throughout the duration. Make sure you have regular images and short messages about the competition going to all your social feeds and pages. With completions you can show off your own product or get on board with other company which is an extremely good way for growth, progression and growing bonds with others in your industry. It doesn’t hurt to contact them to hear their thoughts about your comp ideas.

Building the foundations

Getting the basics right with a strong graphic/visuals, correct wording and plan of action is so important in generating the basis of a successful platform from which you can conduct your audience’s excitement from. The stronger the base of your competition, the greater the outcome will be in both a business and pleasure sense.

The live show

Live showAfter your count down to the prize, the first day of your launch is so important to make the biggest fuss. One thing to keep in mind with your promotion is timings! Hitting the cyber rush hour periods is key to get your competition full coverage. In the UK you should push the promotion around working hours so between 7.00am – 9.00am, Lunch time 12.00pm – 1.00pm and then after work 6.00pm – 9.00pm is when you get the biggest traffic flow. If you are hitting the American audience too, you must look in to posts going out throughout the night with a social media service like Plug My Social, where you will be able to schedule pictures and text at times of your choice on all your social media forums, the best way to keep your live show alive.

The winners stand

Congratulating everyone involve will keep the interest for your viewers and will keep them ready for your next prize winning draw. When announcing the winner of the competition, it is so important to let all the runner ups know who has taken the trophy home. But do always check with the winner you have chosen that it’s ok to use their details over social space first. Go out with a bang and not a flop.

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