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Dan’s 5 Office Essentials

Dan’s 5 Office Essentials

The office environment can be extremely challenging and is very different from any other work place I have experienced before. It’s like we turn into and become our own family, learning each other’s bad habits, our likes and dislikes, and also our little addictions. We come together to be one functioning operation, acting like the cogs in a machine and if you don’t oil them then they fail to perform the correct task. So these are the thing’s I can’t live without and what keep me running smooth on a working daily basis.


My laptop

Has become my new friend that I can’t live without and comes with me everywhere, just in case I come up with an idea for a blog or article, need to finish a piece of work or if I have to check any of the social media sites, it contains my whole work life and I would be lost without it.


Second screen

Since discovering how to work with a second screen I now can’t live without it and find it hard to work not using one. It makes working so much more easy and you can have 2 jobs on the go at once, in the dating business that is a god send. Now just to work my way to 3 screens in the future.


The friendly banter

I love to laugh and find it the best prescription to curing the office blues. Banter is the best way to break the ice in a tough situation and also to soften any stressful day. The team I work with are great and that really helps you to express yourself in a positive way, working with the right people is key.


Coffee supply

The one and only thing that can awaken me from my tired state of mind first thing in the morning is caffeine and lots of it. Latte is preferred as it helps line the stomach for the day as well, but as long it has a sugar in it I’m on it.



We always have music playing in the office and I have found that it can be used to help your speed of work progress. I have a very varied range of music genres I listen to, so If I’m in a rush I will put my head phones in, crank up the volume and put something quite heavy and fast on, or if I need to think about a project I will put on something more soft and chilled.

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