Warehouse Dating | Finding another use for Handcuffs
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Finding another use for Handcuffs

another use for handcuffs

Finding another use for Handcuffs

Life works in mysterious ways. This time last year I had just completed my final exams to become a Police Officer with Surrey Police. Fast forward twelve months and I have embarked on a new career within the world of online dating as the Operations Editor with Warehouse Dating.

I am a big fan of online dating.

I have used most dating apps and websites out there, including our own Singles Warehouse site. In times where people are working longer hours and technology is developing as fast as it is, online dating is going to be around for a long time and will be the way the most popular way to find love in the very near future.

In 2014 I met approximately 35 people through online dating, this has made me grow as a person. It improved my self-confidence and has genuinely changed my life for the better. Being able to have an enjoyable date with someone I had just met made me feel as if I could interact with a variety of ladies and more often than not, have good fun. Once you accept that you can’t please everyone and not every date will go smoothly, the weight comes off your shoulders.

Online dating for me is about meeting people who you would probably not cross paths with offline. You will have that feeling of nirvana after a date goes well, you will cringe at remembering awkward dates that went badly, and you will also meet people who would be great friends, but not partners.


Top Tips from an Online Dating Proonline Dating keyboard

My advice would be to embrace it. Enjoy meeting people, learn about someone you wouldn’t normally meet and do something fun on a date. The worst that could happen is a bit of awkward conversation for a couple of hours with someone who you don’t ever have to see again. I am sure I will blog about this in the future and share further insights.

I met Warehouse Dating’s Managing Director, Jonathan Bird, through a work colleague who at the same Graduate Employment Conference as Jon last year. I contacted Jon via Twitter and mentioned that I enjoyed online dating and ran a dating blog. Jon got back to me suggesting we met up to discuss the industry. I thought I knew everything about the online dating industry, but after meeting Jon I was soon humbled and realised my knowledge was simply a drop in the ocean.

I am writing this blog after my first week with the Warehouse Dating team. The atmosphere is fun, professional and I learn something new every day. The team share a passion to make online dating as fun as possible and to share the knowledge of our experts to our readers and followers. I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone who I have spoken to in the online dating world.

I had no hesitation when it came to joining the team when Jon offered me a role within the team. I can genuinely say it’s been the best decision of my life. I look forward to continuing to learn the industry and bringing the best experience possible to our online community.

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