Warehouse Dating | From one apprenticeship to another! 5 tips in helping the move:
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From one apprenticeship to another! 5 tips in helping the move:


From one apprenticeship to another! 5 tips in helping the move:

I am finishing my apprenticeship in a slightly different atmosphere of an office than what I was used to. I had first day nerves which was expected but I soon felt right at home; I was more excited to start a new journey. I had previously already met 2 team members so I felt at ease on my first day, but everyone in the office is so lovely and soon made me feel welcome. This apprenticeship is a similar workload to my previous one but the office atmosphere is so much more fun to be in. This office environment isn’t sitting at your desk all day and not being able to talk to anyone, you can actually have a chat with your team (on a quiet level!) which was something I wasn’t used to in my previous apprenticeship. The team have made me feel right at home, it’s good that I can give banter as much as I can take it!

Meeting new people

Meeting new people isn’t anything to be nervous about. If you don’t have any confidence (like me), just talk to the people you’re meeting and the conversation will just flow. On the other hand, don’t babble on either as your new work team wouldn’t be able to conversate with you as they wouldn’t be able to fit a word in!


Adjusting to a bigger team

I was used to working in an office completely on my own to now working in a much bigger office with people around me. Working in a bigger team is much more elating as you can bounce of one another’s ideas and there is always someone there to help you if you have a question to ask or unsure with a task.


Relearning Brain

There was a lot more new learning to be done when I started my new apprenticeship. For example, different softwares, programs that I had to get used to. I was asking so many questions (and still am!) about the tasks set for me as I can still become unsure on how I am meant to achieve something. It’s starting all over again on a whole new journey.


Not being on my own

Like I said about adjusting to a bigger team, I had to actually adjust to a team to start with. In my previous apprenticeship, I had an office on my own and was purely working on my own. This made me feel slightly lonely as I had nobody around me to talk to or ask a question about. I much prefer working with people around me as I feel like I can strive off of their energy, making me work and concentrate better.


Being closer to home

At this apprenticeship now, I feel a lot more comforted as I’m now working closer to home. The journey to this apprenticeship isn’t as far as to what I was used to. I can either walk to work or catch the bus, making it easy to get to and a lot more cost effective! (I could drive but the parking charge would not be cost effective for me!)



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