Warehouse Dating | Interview Questions – Teresa
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Interview Questions – Teresa

Interview Questions – Teresa

How well do you ever really know the person sat next to you?  We decided to get to know Warehouse Dating’s Personal Assistant, Teresa just a little better by asking her the following questions:aibeiaiaaabecjfqnfi0o7hc7weic3zjyxjkx3bob3rvkihizmeyztu3mdc1nwuwzdzmzdyxzwnmyjvkmguwmgzjytywmdblzdm1mafnr3rbmguqcu8qi-11sxmct8rdgw


Question: What do you enjoy most about working at Warehouse Dating?

The atmosphere, everyone is really friendly and upbeat.  I feel like I’ve known everyone for years… not a week.

Question: Which member of the team has the most annoying habit?

I’m too new to answer this question yet 😉 But give me time….

Question: If you had to choose a dating website to be a member of which one would it be?

If I was single….  Single this holiday as being single at Christmas is horrible

Question: What is the most random thing you have had to do as part of your job?genericzombiemale

Zombies and bingo! But it really allowed me to get to know everyone.

Question: What has been your favourite memory so far during your career at Warehouse dating?

Best first day / week at a company EVER!

Question: During the charity day… what is the highest level you have achieved in Zombies?

4 – however; I have just bought the game  so that my boyfriend can teach me how to play!  So watch out!

Question: What is the nerdiest thing you have ever done?

I have a really old electronic monopoly game…. I play it all the time.  As no one else will play monopoly with me. (I threw the board once at my brother.  He deserved it.)


Question: What’s the strangest talent that you have?

I can multi task the hell out of anything… or lose a whole day watching Netflix.   It’s one extreme to the other.

Question: What was your childhood nickname?

Weasel – and it’s stuck all my life.

Question: Do you have any strange phobias?

Cheese Graters!  This is a real phobia, it’s called gratophobia.1338_1

Question: What is top of your bucket list?

To Travel EVERYWHERE!  I  was lucky enough to grow up between England and Germany.  Then whilst as a student lived in France for two and a half years.  I’m not happy unless I have a weekend or holiday planned and in the diary.

Question: If you had a super power what would it be?

To be able to fly… I hate the traffic getting to work in the mornings!

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