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Little Flower


Little Flower

My main roll here at Warehouse Dating used to be uploading articles. I loved this aspect of my job as I can connect with the writers and able to learn a lot by reading over the articles. Since joining I have learnt loads about dating/relationships/sex. It will be useful for me when dating as I’ll be able to put it all to use! I really enjoy being able to get to know the writers too so I can see where they are coming from with their articles. Our sites The SWExperts, Singles Warehouse, ODU and Only Dates UK are where I post them. We have different title card styles for each website. For SWExperts, I personalise the title card to the contributor to make it more personal to them. To gather our amazing writers, it is usually done over Twitter. I contacted people by sending tweets out and hope for the best! We welcome everyone to write as long as it relevant content. Always looking for fresh new people to join us as well as encourage existing writers to write more! Are main aim is to interest/ educate our readers as well as creating traffic for the writers for their own sites and social medias.  Since Naomi has joined, I have tried to pass my knowledge onto her as she has now taken over this role as I have moved onto Pinterest and site design.


Another job I did here is do checks for our Twitter accounts. This is usually a lengthy process which I did twice a day. Twitter is a massive source of traffic so it needs to be perfect! Dealing with the vast amount of accounts we have takes a lot of work at times. The worst thing is when I get set to make 120 accounts with all different email address and numbers… That took ages…


Learn to code

Recently I have also started some coding for our websites. I find this really exciting because it is something new and really interesting to learn. I never used coding before starting here at Warehouse. This lead to a bit of designing work for a couple sites. I had to redesign logos and the front page of a few sites. I really enjoyed this as it gave me some freedom to be creative.


My current job is creating accounts and boards for Pinterest. This has been a long and tedious process but once it’s all done, I’m sure it will all pay off. This has given me the chance to work with different software and be creative with the title cards. It’s difficult to come up with names for the boards but luckily the others have chipped in to help with this and title cards.

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