Warehouse Dating | Making cupcakes for my Office Colleagues
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Making cupcakes for my Office Colleagues

Making cupcakes for my Office Colleagues

It`s always nice to give something to your team for all their hard work and I enjoy baking cupcakes. So this is my special recipe for making my cupcakes. I hope you get the chance to make them and enjoy!


The Recipe

8 oz Sugar

8 oz Butter

2 eggs

8 oz Flour

Mix the Sugar and Butter until smooth and creamy

Add eggs and flour and whisk until light and fluffy, take a baking tray and add cupcake cases, with a tablespoon add a tablespoonful in each case. Bake the cupcakes in a preheated oven for 15 – 20 mins on 180 CC until well risen or golden brown. Place on a wire rack to cool


To make the Topping

12 oz of icing sugar

6 oz of butter

To make the topping, put the butter into a bowl and beat until light and fluffy. Sift the icing sugar and beat together until smooth and creamy. When the cakes have cooled down pipe the icing on with a piping bag. Then decorate to your choice. You can buy different colour flavourings to make the icing different colours.


Here is a few of my cakes that I have made in the past.



These were made for Danielle Meme`s, in honour of all her hard work as she was leaving her job and moving on to better things!!! Now look at her Business Development Director at Warehouse Dating! So so proud of her.






Red 20I made these for my son`s 20th Birthday. Who is now 23 years old and still loves a cup cake.









Mini eggsThese were made for Easter for my family to enjoy. We absolutely love mini eggs, they should have them all year round not just for Easter.









Pink and white flowersI think these were my first attempt, not too bad?









Baby boy My daughter Emma is having a baby boy in April, I organized a baby shower for her and made her a selection of cupcakes for all her guests to enjoy.






Pink Baby feet…….and also made a selection for her friend who is also having a baby girl.







Everyone enjoys my cakes, well so they say!!!  I do always get my husband to try them first as I know he would tell me the truth and at least if I make him ill I know not to give them to my friends.  Lol.

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