Warehouse Dating | Meningitis Now fundraiser with Plug My Social.
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Meningitis Now fundraiser with Plug My Social.

Meningitis Now fundraiser with Plug My Social.

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Last week we buddied up with Plug My Social to raise money for Meningitis Now by playing Call of Duty. It was a great exercise in teamwork and has taught me one thing: if the zombie apocalypse happens, I don’t think my team will last long. It was a nice way to start the work day which consisted of killing zombies and surviving.

Well, trying to survive.

For those not in the loop, Call of Duty ‘Zombie’ mode is a survival of the fittest, round based, game mode where you fight off against endless waves of the undead. In the beginning you’re given only a few minutes to get comfortable with your surroundings and gather your bearings. And then the undead horde is unleashed.

Starting with only a pistol, you earn points from killing zombies and surviving through the rounds. This allows you to buy weapons, explore the map further, and purchase in-game bonuses like: extra life, quicker reloads, and so on. Needless to say we didn’t make it very far.

As you can see from the video below, the game created a mix of emotions: fear and confusion. Often both.

This was a great opportunity to not only raise money and play some video games instead of work, but to bond in the office and have a good time – for a good cause. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future with the same goal of helping charity. £94 was raised this morning and next time we’ll be working towards increasing that. Below is the donation link on Meningitis Now’s website and we can only encourage you donate yourself. It truly is for a great cause.

If you’d like to support the charity, click here: bit.ly/MeningitisNowDonation

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