Warehouse Dating | My Initial Impression of the Office Life
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My Initial Impression of the Office Life

office life

My Initial Impression of the Office Life

From starting my apprenticeship last Monday, there’s a few things I’ve learnt.

I was so nervous on my first day, not really knowing what to expect. I very quickly realised, there was nothing to worry about. I’m sure it would be the same at any new job, the other employees aren’t there to make your life difficult. Everyone welcomed me in and it didn’t take me long to feel at home. All of the team are lovely and I am looking forward to getting to know all of them better.

Office work is very different to my old job which was in retail. The swap from being on my feet for 9 hours dealing with moody customers that can’t find their size to a loving, friendly environment (full of banter) was a great idea. I always thought that office work was sitting behind a boring computer all day in silence wearing suits and it might be in many places but here, there’s no moment that gets boring and is a lot better than that. I’ve had various tasks to do since starting and learnt so much already. There is also amazing support here from the other members. If I’m ever stuck, there’s no hesitation to ask for help. I think this atmosphere in the office helps us efficiently work to gain articles for our websites for everyone to enjoy.

Working with dating articles, I have started to learnt a lot more about how to get dudes/ keep them. If nothing else, at least I’m educating myself on dating. I find it really interesting getting in touch with bloggers/ writers and creating a relationship with them over them sending us articles. Although it is sometimes a bit tedious tweeting and emailing people when I get a reply it is really rewarding. I can imagine that in a couple of weeks, I will never want to see Twitter again with the amount I have been on it this week!
As I’m still only 17, there is a lot in the office that I can’t do like dealing with the photos and certain social medias in case there’s inappropriate images that my little innocent eyes can’t take.

It is different to college life which I’m used to but in a good way (college sucked). I have to be more productive and can’t skip to go smoke.

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