Warehouse Dating | The importance of an organised workspace
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The importance of an organised workspace

The importance of an organised workspace

Hey everyone! Laurence here, talking to you all about the importance of a neat and organised work space.


While you’re at work, your workspace is your home. You spend a lot of your time there and from time to time, you even have guests! Therefore it’s always of the upmost importance that it’s neat and tidy! After all, you wouldn’t want someone coming over when it’s messy everywhere!

For me as well, it also plays a role in speed and efficiency. Making the most of your time at work is really important to me, and shaving off those precious seconds finding those post-its or that particular piece of paper you needed can really pay off! Everything definitely has its place and it’s important to me that it remains there because I can always tell when someone has been at my desk!


I find that this principle should also extend to your virtual desktop as well. There are definitely people who have what’s called an “organised mess” that has no semblance of logic or organisation to an outside, but to the person who made it, they know where every single thing is. I personally prefer a desktop with little to no clutter on it, and clearly organised folders and sub-folders so that I can find what I need with no fuss, even if it’s a file I haven’t accessed in months.

Task Bar


People also seem to forget how useful the taskbar is. The ability to pin my most used programs on the taskbar has increased my quality of life on my computer exponentially as it has allowed me to remove even more icons from my precious, clutter-free desktop!


Although it’s not a very uncommon quirk, it’s definitely one that people like to tease me about. Dani recently called me over to her desk, just to show me the cacophony of icons strewn all over desktop! I laughed on the outside but wanted desperately to select all and delete on the inside!


It’s all different strokes for different folks really I suppose, for some, the desktop is a utility to place stuff temporarily during active projects, where others like myself prefer to have an assigned folder for that stuff.  While ultimately people will do what works for them, which is fine, I can’t help but die a little inside when I help someone out with their technical issue and see a scruffy desktop!


Hope you enjoyed this read, I’ll see you next time!

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