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Top 5 Simple Ways to Keep your Employees Motivated

Top 5 Simple Ways to Keep your Employees Motivated

At the moment within some companies you could say a trend is starting to occur. I call it the Employee Engagement Crisis. This crisis involves 71% of employees that are not engaged in the workforce! WOW! I know. So the question is what motivates employees today? Well…

  1. Recognition: Employee recognition plays a very important part on motivating your staff. This let’s your employees know that their work is valued and appreciated. Recognition also helps the underlying value of engagement between the manager and employee. A simple Thank You or Well Done can go far. When hard work is recognised and praise for, it will increase employees to repeat the positive behaviors to deliver the same results again. This is vital when it comes to employee engagement where repercussions could potential damage leadership. Recognition within the work place will also reduce the company turnover and improve the team culture.motivation2
  1. Make Them Grow: Interest in the future path career of your employee’s does wonders for the motivation in the work place. Everyone cares about where their career is heading and wants to progress. Put the time aside for mentoring, coaching, additional training etc. You will find this will improve the relationship with your team and also help you to monitor their progression. Goal setting puts a system in place something for staff to work toward and to push them self. This increases motivation and will also show a difference within the business progression
  1. Have Fun: So this has the potential to be REALLY effective in the workplace or REALLY bad. Risky one, I know. Everyone wants a job

    they look forward
    to waking up in the morning and going to. You spend more time with your work colleagues than family which at times it could be tough. Creating a fun working environment improves the relationships in the work place, boosts moral which leads to motivation. Be Careful… You don’t want all play and no work but remember having fun also cuts down the workplace stress.

  1. Lead the Way: A productive team needs a productive leader. You need to role-model the behavior’s that are expected of your staff. Be excited by new challenges, show real enthusiasm for projects and demonstrate your love of the job. As they say… Positively breeds positively.
  1. Communicate: If you’re nothing other than an email to your employees then you have no chance of motivating them! Make your staff want to achieve the goals your setting and communicate with team frequently face to face. It sounds simple but really does have an effect. Your staff need to know they are valued, so what better way to show their appreciation.
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