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We’ve Moved

We’ve Moved

We’ve officially moved and you can contact us at

Warehouse Dating Ltd

The Loft

1 Epsom Road



Gu1 3JT

United Kingdom

We’ve very excited to welcome you all and if you’d like a little visit then please contact us today.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to our previous location was a tough decision but in truth the UK team had simply outgrown it. I can’t quite believe how much ‘stuff’ we’d accumulated in such a short period of time. So many of you popped by so for nostalgia sakes here’s the old place.

Finding a New Home

We had some clear objectives when looking for our next location.

Objective 1: Closer to town.

After listening to feedback from our team, writers and visitors we knew that being closer to Guildford’s 2 train stations (London Road and Guildford) would make everyone’s life easier.

We also knew that we wanted more options for meetings and lunches. Guildford is well know for it’s great pubs and restaurants so we can now dine in style.

Objective 2: More space.

As a business it was vital to have more space. Our team is growing steadily with 6 permanent people now located at these offices. We also know we’ll be continuing to grow so having the option open to us to add more desks in time really matters.

Objective 3: Meeting room.

We’re a business that’s centered around creating connections for people. Now I don’t know about you but I found that very hard without a meeting room for our own team. Thankfully we now have that (and for those of you who have visited in the past just you wait to see where Conference Room B is now!).

Objective 4: Keep costs in control.

Business is business after all. We had to have somewhere to grow into but we needed to make sure it didn’t impact any of our other marketing plans. Growth is great but running before you can walk is what destroys many small and medium sized businesses in the UK.


All week previous visitors, #SWEXPERTS, Twitter followers and family and friends have asked for pictures. People are even rushing in meetings just to see what the new place looks like. So here’s a little taste before your next visit to WarehouseDating.com’s Head Office.

Some Before, During and After

What we inherited

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Let the renovations begin

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A Final Taste

Our clocks have stayed with us, keeping track of the 7 time zones we operate in.

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New into old

Magic Meg worked some real wonders into our kitchen area. Check out the transformation from dirty and dreary to a magical place to make a cuppa.

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And introducing “The Chatter Box”

I’m reliably informed that we’ve acquired the name for our meeting room from another fine establishment. The Chatter Box is our meeting room located in the heart of Guildford town centre.

We wanted to remember all the great things WarehouseDating.com, Singles Warehouse and all the other brands have done. Most importantly we wanted to remember our amazing #SWEXPERTS who have made this journey so special. Finally, we have a room to show off and shout to the world about our amazing writers.

We’re all about connecting people. Now, even if you are not even in the meeting, we’re connecting you with other people in the dating industry.

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But wait… I thought you said you’d be showing off the #SWEXPERTS

We are. We’ll be adding the best ‘Title Cards’ to our walls and surrounding our media system are all the published authors books, who’ve ever done anything with us.

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 So, who’s coming for a cuppa? Leave a comment below and let’s get the conversation started.

  • Laura Gub
    Posted at 09:05h, 18 April Reply

    Very funky! I like it!

    • Admin
      Posted at 12:05h, 18 April Reply

      Thanks Laura. We’re sure you will be visiting soon enough right?

      • Laura Gub
        Posted at 12:45h, 24 April Reply

        A touch snowed under, but it’s in the pipeline. Waiting to hear from Dani re possible dates and times.

  • Paula Ashby
    Posted at 09:09h, 19 April Reply

    Congrats on the move. I’m always up for a cuppa and cake or a cheeky glass of something white and cold. Let me know when’s good Jonathan

    • Warehouse Dating
      Posted at 10:34h, 19 April Reply

      Hi P

      Well we should absolutely try to book something in. We even have a sun deck now for said wine!

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